"Fleur’s abilities in Medium Readings are an incredible gift and the Meditation sessions are worth travelling distance for, as I’d heard they were. Wow!!"

Betsy Sue

"You need someone whom you feel safe with, who has knowledge, empathy and understanding. Fleur has been that person for me. Her amazing insights with Spiritual Counselling along with regular Emotional Healing have helped me to confront and move through many emotional blocks that were impairing my overall growth. Her Guided Meditations are inspiring and illuminating, assisting me to connect to the inner guidance that has always been there for me. If you wish your life to be more fulfilling and loving then I recommend you give Fleur a call and make change happen. It won’t always be comfortable but it will be life changing."

Jennifer Aldermann

"I personally can highly recommend the services provided by Fleur Healey at Uplift Wellbeing Centre. Whether it be receiving the powerful, emotional release energy work of Hahnemann Healing and Concomitant (physical) healing, in-depth Spiritual Counselling, or attending weekly Guided Meditations, all leave me feeling uplifted and fulfilled, gaining a greater sense of joy in my life. Embarking on a counselling journey with Fleur and receiving healings along the way has been such a gift to self. A journey of self-discovery, empowerment and personal and spiritual growth which has freed me to walk my true path…Much appreciation."

Allison Dew-Radford