About Fleur

I have always had a passion for helping people and after completing studies including a Masters Degree from Monash University(Caulfield), I specialised in three areas to extend my ability to do this.  I became an accredited Medium with Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, trained to the highest standard by renowned International Mediums and Spiritual Teachers, Ian and Pearl Rogers. My Readings are done with the utmost integrity and accuracy to give you the insight, clarity and direction you need to change negative patterns or situations to move forward positively, with purpose.

My Diploma in Spiritual Counselling will help you trace negative behavioural patterns to their origin. I assist you to identify the real cause of your issues, when they began in your life and why they currently affect you, to stop these negative patterns in their tracks, and establish positive change and upliftment in your life.

I am accredited to the highest standard in Ancient Egyptian Hahnemann Healing as both a Healer and Trainer. This is a deeply relaxing, powerful and much more specialised form of healing than Reiki. It can balance the nervous system and directly release the specific negative emotions held at the deepest levels (conscious and sub-conscious) that cause you to feel down and hold you back in life. Unresolved emotional hurts don’t just disappear! They are stored in the body and need to be flushed out, or they are suppressed/ pushed deeper down in the body where they ‘snowball.’ They influence and intensify how you react to all sorts of triggers.

I offer Medium Readings, Spiritual Counselling and Emotional Healing in a confidential, honest, direct, and caring way to help you experience greater clarity, growth, personal harmony, purpose and direction, deep connection and love in your life.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information or to make an appointment.

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Uplift Wellbeing Centre, Fleur Healey

Ph. 0458 010 474 or

3/9 Railway Grove Mornington, VIC 3931