Spiritual Counselling

Get To The Heart of Your Issue

Spiritual Counselling intervenes in a person’s thoughprocess, giving an understanding of their actions and reactions. It offers another belief system to deal with life’s issues.

Traditional Counselling is flawed because it relies heavily on a client being able to come up with solutions to their own problems. This rarely happens and if it did, the client would have no need foCounselling.

Spiritual Counselling takes you beyond the immediacy of your mind to understand your life spiritually through your values. Our sessions will trace your negative patterns back to their origin, identify the real cause, where it began, and offer you the choice to break free.

Spiritual Counselling uses a framework of values to quickly give you a better understanding of yourself and those in your life and resolve issues not aligned with your values. It provides clarity in how and why you act and react as you do and a path forward.

Relationship counselling focused on establishing change is available in a series of 8  individual and combined sessions.

Try a fast, honest, caring approach to establishing positive change

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