Medium Readings

Get To The Heart of Your Issue

At different times in life, we can feel uncertain or lose direction and become unsure how to move forward. Let's explore where you may be stuck or blocking what is meant for you. Understand why a negative pattern may be repeating, or find your passion.

Receive insight into family and relationship issues, work or career choices, health or financial difficulties. Discover where you need to focus to move forward and the help to face difficult situations. Explore your choices and understand the potential outcomes. 

Find out what the future has in store and how to achieve the growth and happiness you seek. You may receive messages from former loved ones or ask any question about what is troubling you.

Trained by world-renowned Mediums Ian and Pearl Rogers for over a decade, my Readings are done to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, confidentiality and care.

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Uplift Wellbeing Centre, Fleur Healey

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3/9 Railway Grove Mornington, VIC 3931